For the carefree, adventurous, super duper in love couples - you're at the right place. Take a look around, and let's create some magic together. 


Hi, friends! My name is Christy! I'm the lead photographer of Christy Beal Photography! I'm 24 and married to my high school sweetie & bestest friend, Jesse! We like long walks on the beach, and...just kidding, we don't live near a beach. :( BUT! We do love taking walks around our neighborhood, especially when the sun shows up in Ohio! I've also turned him into a hot sauce lover, because yes, I carry hot sauce in my bag! I use it for almost every meal.  Not only have I turned him into a hot sauce lover, but I've turned him into my second photographer as we are a husband and wife team!! There's nothing sweeter than seeing two people madly in love, and when we get to connect with you guys and create forever memories for you to look back on, just makes me feel so excited! We don't want to be just the photographers. We want to be your friends. Your guidance. Your drink go-getters. Your hair fixer. Your shoulder to cry on. We believe in making connections with you, and keeping that friendship forever. Photos aren't just photos to us. They are memories. They are feelings. They are love. They are passion. They are a story. If this is how you feel as well - then let's get to chatting!  


be such a beautiful
that people crave your vibes