Alexa + Shawn’s Kendall Ledge’s Engagement Session!

When I think of the most perfect engagement session, I think of Alexa and Shawn’s. This was undoubtedly my favorite session to date. We spent almost 2 hours adventuring through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, finding hidden placesĀ for the perfect backdrop. There was still snow on the ground, giving that extra glow throughout the images, and making them just perfect for my new IndiPresets (so stoked about these btw)!!

These two are so in love, it’s insane! You can just see the way that he looks into her eyes, and the way she comforts him and holds him tight when they hug. Shawn and Alexa have a love that is so rare, and I am so blessed I get to witness it. Their wedding in JuneĀ 2018 can’t come soon enough!! <3

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