My BEST FRIEND is engaged!!

Even though I will be standing next to this beautiful bride on her wedding day instead of photographing from the crowd, my best friend Raquel let me take engagement photos of her and her handsome fiance, Ryan. I’ve been best friends with Raquel since we played on the 4th grade travel basketball team together. We’ve come from being annoying 4th grade girls, to awkward teenage girls, to ambitious college girls, and now each other’s Maid/Matron of Honor, and married women!!  A lot of miles have come between Raquel and I, but nothing has been able to come between our friendship. I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and cheering on Raquel and Ryan’s relationship since high school. Raquel and Ryan continue to show how when friendship and love co-exist, life can be a pretty fun adventure. I am so glad Ryan finally (!!!) proposed to my best friend so we can go ahead and turn the chapter of this beautiful love story to what Ryan and Raquel were always meant to be. Together in marriage. It is a privilege to be writing this blog post and have taken photos of these two beautiful people! Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their waterfall session at Blue Hen Falls! <3 + stay tuned for something we’re cookin’ up in Chicago with them! 😉

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