Our 1 Year Anniversary Trip to California!

This is long overdue, but I wanted to share with you guys Jesse and I’s one year anniversary trip to California in August! It worked out perfectly because we got to house/dog sit for Jesse’s Aunt + Uncle while they vacationed at Yosemite! It was the perfect week to relax and enjoy some “us” time before busy season hit. We’ve decided that California is definitely our favorite place to visit.  The weather, the vibes, the people, the beach, literally everything is perfect!! We always wish that we could live out there, but we are just too close to our families to live that far away and be 3 hours behind. But, while on this trip, we stayed in Huntington Beach, and pretty much just chilled at the beach everyday. We got Ruby’s milkshakes and tacos pretty much everyday, and soaked up the sun at the beach! These type of vacations are always so nice to have because nothing was planned throughout the week, and we just went with the flow. We also rode around on the tandem bike for a couple of days until the chain broke a mile or so into our bike ride. (That was not fun walking it back to the house, lol)! Other than that breaking down, our anniversary trip was everything and more. We had a blast and definitely recommend visiting Huntington Beach at some point because it will not disappoint you!! Now you can enjoy some of our favorite images from our trip until you go and take some of your own! 😉

Here’s 1 of 2 vlogs from the trip!

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