Hi, friends! I thought I’d update you on my life throughout April! It feels like April absolutely flew by and now it’s May, and things are starting to pick up and life’s getting busier. But, hey, I’m not mad about it! All throughout April, and am still training now for my first ever half marathon that I’ll be running on May 20th with one of my best friends by my side! I’m so excited to check this off my bucket list with her, especially because I’ll be running for the kids, running to beat childhood cancer. April consisted of Easter Sunday, my nephew’s 1st birthday party, lots of miles running, lots of gas put into my car traveling home, my second cousin’s baby shower, Alyssa + Drew Laury’s beautiful wedding day, a weekend in Fort Worth, Texas meeting the sweetest people, and then my favorite part of April – my best friend’s wedding. April was so beyond amazing + I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun!! Enjoy some of my favorite photos from this past month. (not sorry for the overload from my best friend’s wedding, lol).

Easter Sunday with my love – April 1, 2018

Our sweet nephew turned 1!!

We showered her on April 7th + she delivered a happy, healthy baby boy on April 28, 2018 – welcome to the world Tanner!

Alyssa + Drew’s BEAUTIFUL wedding day – April 14, 2018!

Longest run this year so far!

Went to Texas to take Taylor + Preston’s adorable engagement photos!! + Jesse got some new headshots of me!

AND SHE’S MARRRRRIED!!!!! My best friend got married, guys!! So many happy tears were shed on this beautiful wedding on April 28th, 2018. So much love was in the air. So many smiles on so many peoples faces! Raquel and Ryan, thank you again for allowing me to a part of your special day. It was an honor to be your Matron of Honor, Raquel, and I am forever grateful that you’ve been my best friend since 4th grade. We’ve been through all the ups and downs, and our friendship has only gotten stronger through the years. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH + I’ll forever be cheering you two on from the sidelines. xoxo

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