Beau + Kali | Wedding at Grace Church & The Venue

I seriously am blessed with the best couples. Beau + Kali are such amazing people, and I’m so happy I’ve known them since high school! Beau and I have been friends since the good ole middle school days and when him and Kali got engaged, I was secretly hoping they’d ask me to do their wedding..because, I mean…they are just so stinking cute together! Just wait, you’ll see in the pictures below!

Kali has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen, and the way Beau looks at her is just magical. These two have been through a lot together, and the way they have loved and cared for each other during those times just shows how beautiful their relationship is.

I absolutely couldn’t be happier for the both of them!!

Jesse and I love you guys!! <3  Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day.


Christy Beal





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